Episode 003 – How Being Like Amazon Can Help You Level Up Your Personal and Career Success

In this episode with fellow IBM Futurist Bryan Eisenberg (@thegrok) discusses how Amazon’s success can be applied to your business and your life.belikeamazon-coffee-300x210

As Bryan explains in his book Be Like Amazon

The Four Pillars of Amazon’s Success Are:

  1. Customer Centricity.
  2. Continuous Optimization.
  3. Culture of Innovation.
  4. Corporate Agility.

Bryan’s very book is an excellent example of this because it was initially called “Brand Like Amazon” but with continuous optimization in mind he decided to change it to the current name Be Like Amazon.

One bit of our conversation that stands out in my mind is when Bryan shares that in any given month Amazon is testing about 200 different things, whereas most other businesses are only testing one or two.  Of course at this rate it does not take long for Amazon to establish a sizable lead over the competition.

Applying testing of new habits and strategies in our own lives seems to me to be a strategy that will pay dividends.  After all without changing nothing changes.

Amazon’s obsession with the customer extends into every sphere of there business and is such a vital component of Amazon’s strategy and philosophy that a chair is left open and dedicated to the customer at board meetings as a visual reminder of the importance of the customer to Amazon.

Obsessing over the customer and customer experience is one surefire way to make improvements and a strategy I think all businesses can benefit from.

For more awesome insights from Amazon give our podcast below a listen and check out Bryan’s book Be Like Amazon, and yes it’s on Amazon of course! 🙂

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Episode 003 – How Being Like Amazon Can Help You Level Up Your Personal and Career Success (Download: 58 Mbs)

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