Creative Ways to Drive a Tidal Wave of Traffic – Episode 013

In this episode we share lots of tips here on how to get traffic.

Garin has had millions of visitors to his websites over the years and if you want to learn more about traffic there is a link at the bottom.

The most important thing to get traffic is to produce content on a regular basis, improving your creative skills and create that audience that looks forward to your content every day.

Guest posting or podcasting on our show if we have time to interview you. You will boost your influence on Mashable, Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider or one of the other hugely popular websites out there. Building credibility, tap into their traffic and get SEO benefits linking back to your own sites and social media profiles.

Social sharing is great and best to send people to your own sites, Garin shares his own stuff usually sending out via everyday. Building up your networks and sharing great evergreen content with them is really useful. puts an overlay on the page with a call to action with a link to your website, use the paid version as it is best, increases the clicks and send to an optimized landing page.

Curating content from 10 different sites and rounding up the posts into a blog on your own site.

Leverage event #Hashtags by utilizing a link to your site with an image leading to more traffic.

Syndicate content from blogs and audios turning them into YouTube videos.

Utilising messaging apps to put the link to your website as the status update, same with Facebook and Instagram daily stories too. You can use instagram to do this providing your picture is within the last 24 hours, drop the picture and the URL to watermark your image as this will stop people using your image without you receiving any credit.

Use Photoshop or online free versions to add the watermark with a url, a photoshop clone in your web-browser or both are very easy.

More tips related to traffic and optimizing your personal brand with the powerful strategies from

A WordPress Blog and a matching domain name for your name is the most powerful thing you can do to rank in Google for your name. Watch our free webinar for more insights on this and more!

Blog post mentioned: 101 Excellent Ways to Get More Traffic For Your Website

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