Episode 007 – How a Powerful Story Can Skyrocket Your Success

billee-howardIn this episode Nat interviews fellow IBM futurist Billee Howard about story telling can take a brand to the next level.

Billee (@MashupTweet on Twitter) knows the difference a powerful story can make.

On this podcast episode she makes some great points about how stories can take any kind of brand to the next level.

A great example she gives is how Tesla is outperforming almost every auto maker in the world.

She explains that’s because Tesla is a new kind of stock called a story stock.  Tesla and their founder Elon Musk have a very clear mission To accelerate the advent of sustainable transport and the strength of this story is a huge part of the reason why everyone is talking about Tesla even though they do not spend a dollar on advertising.

Billee talks about how for businesses as well as individuals: Authenticity is key.

She explains that talking about who is leading a company WHY they are doing something is often more compelling than what they are doing.

Make people want to be a part of brands that carry compelling stories. Like Tom’s shoes. Like Red Bull.

Successful brands should strive to transition from simply transacting to interacting.

We all must push ourselves to create and collaborate to succeed. Story telling and personal branding is a large part of what is fueling the new economy.

You can find Billee on LinkedIn, discover her website at Brandthropologie.com, and check out her book We Commerce on Amazon.

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