How to Accelerate Your Branding Success Like Rolls-Royce (Part 1 of 2) – Episode 016

Peter Lavers (@PeterLavers), is a fellow IBM futurist from England whom Nat met at IBM Amplify.  For the record he has a fantastic picture on his Twitter background.

Authentic is the word to sum up Peter and he has some superb tips, he aims to be the person whom everyone he meets professionally wants to work with.

He likes to share lots of great useful content of other people’s because he believes in keeping an open mind and learning from the people in his network.

Working with Rolls-Royce was a pivotal time in his life, he started work there over 35 five years ago straight from school he was sponsored by Rolls-Royce to go to university in a sandwich course.  He joined the company at an amazing time.

There was a really connection with the founders of both companies and he connected with Henry Royce personally, Henry considered himself a mechanic and he said some things which meant a lot and influenced Peter.

One of the things that still inspires Peter was something the statement “Whatsoever is rightly done, however humble, is noble” which he heard from Henry Royce.

Even when things don’t go too well in business and life you must stick to this principle. Especially in the customer service world when focusing on the figures.

“Short-termism” financially motivated behaviors can damage long term business success.

Keeping on doing the right thing is vitally important for all of us going through our careers.  If you keep on doing the right things then people will respect this noble behavior. When times to improve people will come back to you and if you don’t compromise as they will remember how you behaved.

Keeping your authenticity, however humble, is the right thing to do.

To survive in business you do have to make a profit and run but should always stick to your ethos.

In the financial associations treating customers unfairly should never be a part of the strategy.

When customers get the CX angle they actually get this and apply it to their suppliers too, being good to do business with them.

It is not rocket science, things are changing so much is happening and the foundational items should remain the same no matter what channels. Fundamental business lessons.

Mr Charles Rolls was not involved with the company very much, he was the first English man to die in an airplane.  He was a toff (posh) car salesmen, a gentleman, who was very well connected and had great sales skills.

Mr. Rolls had a showroom on Conduit street in London and Peter used that office when he worked there.

Mr. Royce was a working class mechanic who totally focused on the attention to detail and quality of engineering.

When they came together the team they formed produced something really special.

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