How To Build a Spectacular Brand With Jimmy Star – Episode 22

Jimmy Star Show LogoJimmy Star has been immersed in the entertainment industry, and after years of building his brand his show is now really rocking and rolling.

Jimmy hosts a super successful web show with Ron Russell that has featured dozens of celebrities and makes the claim of being the #1 web show in the world.

Jimmy also wrote a book on Charlie Chaplin which has been turned into a film and it will come out on Netflix later this year.

The Jimmy Star show was nominated on the ballot for the Emmy awards, which is a really cool honor considering they are running out of their basement like Wayne’s world.

Jimmy’s Twitter account @DrJimmyStar has over 1.2 million followers and is verified by Twitter.

Jimmy’s Twitter strategy includes randomly picking 20 people to say hello and have a happy day.

Whether they have 20 followers of 20,000 followers Jimmy makes time to engage with them on Twitter and this is part of the reason why he averages over 8 Million Twitter impressions a month.

Here are some of Jimmy’s best tips for building an engaged audience on Twitter:

  • Be hugely interactive
  • Help people from both your industry and other industries
  • Retweet others often
  • Mention others often
  • Thank people for following with Twitter mentions
  • Engage with others as much as you can because Twitter is the most powerful way to spread your voice in the universe.

Jimmy syndicates his content to maximize his reach. He has his own video channel on Roku.  This is available in any country and really works really well for him.

He shares some great advice for building podcasts, advertise cast is a place you can get sponsors for your podcast shows, press releases for the people everyday. Get people to rate your shows on iTunes.

It is good to get people to rate and review your podcast on iTunes, this is important to get more views on iTunes but Tweeting out the link to iTunes is a great idea, because people don’t want to go to your website and do specific Tweets just for this.

We don’t just interview anybody on our show…

You will have no problem to build your audience for your show because you are good looking guys and using what nature has given you is key.

It amazes me the amount of loyal fans that people like Jimmy gets and in order for me to do that he said I need to broaden my horizons as our information helps everybody so we need to expand outside of our industry giving people information who really need it and the followers will grow really quickly.

We only just launched this a month or so ago and are committed to put out a show everyday and we are focusing on growing our audience, hopefully we can grow our audience to be as big as yours.

You must be able to have fun, meeting new people and having fun is key to building a brand people want to be a part of.

This is the way the world should be but helping others is key and Garin shared our philosophy of helping others is crucial to the success of your business and to become more successful in life.

We will be expanding our audience and building the educational software offering has taken up a lot of time for us and now we will be broadening our horizons and audience.

Absolute pleasure to have Jimmy on the show.

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