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Evan Weber is an experienced digital marketer with a specific expertise in affiliate marketing.

With twenty years of experience in the digital marketing industry it makes perfect sense that Evan’s agency is called Experience Advertising.

With affiliate marketing the first thing Evan wants to know is: How well does your website convert traffic?

It’s crucial to work on website conversion rate before reaching out and bringing on affiliate partners.

The first step of a successful affiliate campaign is to optimize a website for conversions so that any affiliate traffic that is sent can create the maximum amount of sales.

To Optimize For Conversions:

  • BBB Online
  • TRUSTe
  • Norton’s Trust Logo, and Norton’s Shopper Guarantee
  • Having a secure website with HTTPS enabled

Customer Review Apps:

  • ShopperApproved
  • TrustPilot

Tools For Split Testing:

  • Optimizely

The key to having productive affiliates is to have affiliates that have your targeted audience.

Find personal branding websites and blogs, if your course is for personal branding. They will have a higher conversion rate.

If they have an email list those would be like gold. The best performers will be affiliates with your target audience with a lot of web traffic and/or email subscribers).

Email publishers (opted-in list) are the like gold when they can push a button and deploy your email. You need ALL types of affiliates and publishers in abundance, i.e. websites, bloggers, email publishers)

Affiliate networks are platforms and channels where you can cultivate affiliates and web publishers.

You only need one affiliate tracking

Affiliate Tracking Software

A few examples of affiliate tracking software include:

Motivating Your Affiliates to Promote

  • Prizes
  • Performance Tiers
  • Bonus Tiers

You can have an “activation campaign” where you pay affiliates for their first sale, as a reward/bonus.

Affiliate contests can be productive when you have a lot of affiliates that participate.

Affiliate Commission Structures – affiliates like residual commissions, anything that will make them the most possible while still making money or having an ROI on their traffic and customer lifetime Value.

You should be thinking about what’s most lucrative for your affiliates.

Affiliate Layers/Tiers

You can go a few or several layers deep. 2nd tier affiliates will bring in their friends and get an over-ride on what their referred affiliates produce.

Affiliate and bloggers can bring in their friends to participate in your affiliate program.

They signup their blogger friends through their referral signup link.

Do Everything You Can To Optimize Your Conversion Rate, Then Recruit Affiliates.


Make it Super Easy For Your Affiliates to Promote

Launch your affiliate program after you have proven your sales page to be profitable and made an effort to optimize your conversion rate.

An offer that converts well is the best way to ensure the affiliates who promote are happy affiliates.

You won’t gain traction if you can’t convert affiliate traffic in general.

You can determine your conversion rate by bidding on relevant keywords in Google and Bing using PPC advertising.

PPC Advertising Tips

Before you spend a dime on ads you need to make sure your conversion tracking and re-marketing pixels are installed.

  • With Google Adwords use phrase match, never broad match.
  • Bing Ads are much less costly than Google Adwords.
  • Re-target your non-converting website traffic.
  • Ad campaign management and reporting:

Video can be used to facilitate your affiliates to produce affiliate sales.

You have to do the front-end creative really well.

Alot of affiliate managers don’t want to put in the work by spoon-feeding their affiliates.

You should provide affiliates a creative package with all of their coded up links, banner, videos and whatever types of creatives can work with your affiliates.

A small percentage will be able to produce on their own. If you don’t spoon feed your affiliates they likely won’t participate at a high level or produce.

Affiliate Commissions

Pay out as much as possible so affiliates really prosper.affiliate-marketing

With digital products you can payout a higher percentage.

It could be 80% but if the conversion rate isn’t what it needs to be then it doesn’t make sense.

Whether it happens a week later a month later it just matters how much they ultimately make.

Have a “done for you” set of marketing materials on an affiliate resources page so your affiliates can easily promote.

Smart Affiliates Resources to Provide

  • Multiple Pre-written Swipe Emails
  • Multiple Pre-written Subject Lines for Each Email
  • Promotional eBooks
  • Banner Ads (Both Square and Rectangular)


You have to signup affiliates for them and then send them their marketing materials.

If you can build them a free website or landing page, you should do that if you have the resources.

Give them anything they could possibly need like a WordPress blog with your banners already on it with their affiliate ID.

Firstly, work on boost the conversion rate by working with a conversion rate expert, or do it yourself with helpful content and videos

Start racking up customer reviews as these work wonders for conversions.

Once you have done everything you can think of to create conversions you are in a position to start buying your own traffic.

Determine your conversion rate, and work on boosting it up from there.

Then you can start reaching out and start prospecting new affiliates, so you don’t ruin your chance to make them money.

“Prove it internally that your website converts internally.”

Then you can go out and say our conversion rate is X%, and that could get your affiliates excited to start promoting.

Resources Mentioned This Episode

Our agency typically does agency retainer work on a monthly rate, plus a % of commissions via affiliates.

It takes 6-12 months to really start seeing some affiliate program growth. Focus on continuous annual growth and you won’t be disappointed.

If you don’t take the long term view, you will be disappointment. If you do it right, it grows over time.

The goal is to grow the overall participants and the overall producers.

Grow your KPI’s (Key performance indicators) that you monitor and measure over time.

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