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Gauher Chaudhry is the most skilled PPC expert I know and in this episode he shares some absolute gems of advice for anyone who wants to run a profitable PPC campaign.

Gauher and I both live in the greater Toronto area, and Gauher’s advice is so on point I always open his email newsletters and he never fails to deliver value.

This podcast is a great example Gauher’s knowledge and awesome PPC knowledge and value delivering ability.

First off Gauher mentions the 800 pound gorilla of traffic: Google.

The awesome thing about Google is that you can get started for as little as $5, which is a much lower barrier to entry than other PPC networks that involve as much as a $1,000 deposit to get started.

Facebook is the second Goliath of PPC traffic.

Google and Facebook Can Deliver All The PPC Traffic You Will Ever Need

Google and Facebook are so dominant in terms of traffic that if you can master them you really don’t need to go to any other sources because they are so massive and cover almost 90% of the Internet.

Some people Gauher knows are spending $20,000,000+ per month on Google & Facebook.

A cool feature of Facebook ads are that you are able to pay for them with PayPal.

Gauher explains that ads are not so much a cost as they are an investment in data.

Campaigns are rarely profitable out of the gate.  However they provide data that can be used to improve the profitability of the funnel.

If you just have a $10 budget per day use that to improve your funnel so you can scale up to hundreds of dollars per day.

Google Has Two PPC Platforms

The two Google PPC platforms are the search platform and the display network.

With the search platform you can target keywords and then get granular with things like targeting a specific gender.

When you are targeting a wide market you want to go with Facebook or Google display network because you’ll get a wider reach.

The search platform is more specific and with this comes less traffic and a greater cost.

When you go wide with the display network when you get a good click through rate that’s when you are able to get as many as tens of thousands of clicks per day.

Key Takeaway: Your conversion rate is a vital metric to track and knowing what it is will enable you to know what you can afford to pay per click.

Key Metric: EPC (Earnings Per Click) Once you know your earnings per click you know what you should bod for your CPC.

Gauher recommends aiming for a CPC of half as much as your EPC so that you double your money as traffic moves through your funnel.

This is important so that you can always stay in a cashflow positive position.

On Google display network using an amateurish design style often pulls more clicks and if you can get a one percent or higher click through rate this will enable you to get a ton of cheap traffic.  The only push back to amateurish “ugly” ads are they may not be approved by Google.

Digital or Physical Products: Which is Best?

Gauher has profitably marketed both digital and physical products.

He has done tens of millions of dollars in physical supplement products in the healthcare space.

Digital products is likely much easier he says because it’s all digital so delivery is easier.

However certain massive markets like supplements are physical markets so it still made sense for Gauher because even though it requires more work the rewards can be there due to the huge market.

Evergreen Webinars vs. Live Webinars?

Live webinars convert better, especially in the Internet Marketing space.

Webinars that use Webinar Jam in the Internet Marketing space cause marketers to be skeptical about if it is really live since many are fully automated.

Ultimately it comes down to the quality of the content.

If the content is totally awesome people will still appreciate it and be inclined to act on

Getting Your Ads Approved by Google or Facebook

Read the ad policies of Google or Facebook so you are clear on what is allowed and what is not before you submit an ad for approval.

Recently Facebook released a 20 page .PDF of what you are not allowed to do on Facebook’s ad platform.

Be on top of the policies because it’s best to play within the rules as accounts are often

Other tips for getting ads approved:

  • Don’t make outrageous claims (Lose 30 pounds in 3 days)
  • Make sure all of your claims are backed up

Re-Targeting ROI Tips

Re-targeting is powerful and offers a better ROI than cold traffic because people you re-target have already seen your offer.

The biggest mistake that people make with re-targeting is they re-target people back to the same page that people left. You should send them to a different page because obviously they did not respond to the first line of communication.

Gauher uses the strategy of dropping a minimum of three pixels per campaign to create three distinct audiences:

  1. First he drops a re-targeting pixel on the Video Sales Letter
  2. Then he drops a different pixel for people who make it to the cart page
  3. Finally he drops a third pixel for people who finally complete their order

This way segmentation can be used so that people who completed their order can be excluded from seeing the same offer again.

Also people who have made it to the cart page can be followed up with a coupon to get them to convert.

And people who did not convert on the video sales letter can be sent to a text sales letter since reading a sales letter might be preferable for them to watching a sales video.


Affiliate Marketing Tips

Dan has used clickbank in the past and has had success with it as it simplifies the affiliate payment process and provides access to the clickbank marketplace where affiliates search for products to promote.

Gauher has used clickbank in the past but these days prefers to use the membership software Amember, which integrates with the affiliate software IDEVaffiliate, so that he can track people through his order process and use re-marketing accordingly.

The affiliate software that I plan to launch for Profile Jetpack soon is IDEVaffiliate and Gauher says he has had a positive experience with this.

Ultimately it depends on the shopping cart software you use, just make sure the affiliate software is compatible with your shopping cart software.

Shopping Cart Software

With a physical product the two main platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce (A WordPress plugin).

Gauher uses Ultracart.  He likes the email marketing software Klayivo because it integrates with Ultracart and has many powerful split testing and segmentation features.

Autostart Video

On Google you can use auto-start videos.  This is a good thing in Gauher’s opinion.  On Facebook you cannot get away with auto start videos.

Popups are not allowed on Google, Facebook, or BING ad networks.

Although auto-start is not allowed having a form overlay that stops the video and asks for a name and email is okay.  Wistia and Press Play are two video hosts that support this feature.

Don’t just stop the video abruptly: Lead up to the opt-in form with a call to action for people to use the form to sign up.

One of the best results can from stopping the video about two minutes in saying “Short on time? Get this entire VSL as a transcript.”

YouTube Advertising

On YouTube if 30 seconds or less of your video are watched you are not charged for your ad.

YouTube ads can now be managed with AdWords so if you have a re-targeting audience set up YouTube offers another way to re-capture the attention of an audience who is already familiar with you.

Awesome eCommerce Tip

Google and Bing both have a merchant center.  With this you can upload a spreadsheet listing all of your physical products and an image and this shows up as an image within AdWords.  This has had an amazing ROI.

Gauher is Hosting an Awesome Digital Sumo Annual Event

Check out the details of Gauher’s Digital Sumo Annual Event held at the Marriott in Toronto.

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