The Awesome Future of Technology and Augmented Reality With Robert Scoble


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Robert and I first met about six years ago at Robert’s house in Half Moon Bay, California, when he had my cousin Luke and I over for some live broadcasting about the future of technology.

Happy to be back at it again in this exciting talk about the future of technology and augmented reality.

For those unaware Robert is a staple of Silicon Valley and has been shaking hands and taking names in the valley his entire life.

Here’s a brief Scobleizer highlight reel:

  • He met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak when he was a teenager and convinced him to donate Apple computers to his school
  • He met Elon Musk and took the first test drive of a Tesla
  • He was there when Travis and Garrett invented Uber in a Paris snow storm when no cabs were available
  • He met and presented to Bill Gates when he worked at Microsoft
  • He has met and interviewed Mark Zuckerberg multiple times
  • And he is without a doubt one of the most connected people in Silicon Valley

In this podcast he shares the stories mentioned above and more! Enjoy. 🙂

Microsoft HoloLens

Robert has a HoloLens and says the augmented reality technology is awesome.

The problem with HoloLens Robert says is it is 1.28 pounds and costs $3,000.  Due to the heavy weight he can only wear it for about an hour before it becomes painful.

When this technology becomes lighter in about two years Robert thinks this will really open people’s minds to the potential of mixed reality.

This year we will see a phone with mixed reality features come to market.


Mixed reality glasses are so powerful Robert thinks in four years he thinks we won’t have phones at all.

Clear iPhone

Over five sources have told Robert that Apple is working on a clear iPhone.

The phone will likely have an edge to edge screen and a pack at the bottom, and with an edge to edge screen the phone will be able to use its camera to display and augment the camera, making the phone appear as if it is clear.

Apple AR Glasses

Apple thinks a lot about the customer journey.


In the next year or two Apple will likely release Google glass style glasses to prepare people for the more immersive mixed reality glasses with cameras and more that are coming in the future.

The immersive mixed glasses Apple releases in the future will likely feature all of the awesome power found in Microsoft’s HoloLens, in a much smaller and more stylish form factor.

Augmented Contact Lenses

Right now AR glasses cannot be made under 3oz in weight so Robert thinks that contact lenses are still at least a decade away.

Facebook’s Augmented Reality Platform

Facebook’s AR platform is very similar to what Apple is doing and all 2 billion+ Facebook users will have access to this platform sometime this year.

Facebook bought Oculus VR and another micro LED company out of Ireland.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that AR will be the next big change in computing and has invested billions to prepare Facebook to be a leader in this coming wave of change.

Insights From Interactions With Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the worlds richest man and most prolific philanthropist.

Robert says Bill is a very intense and highly scheduled person.  It is very difficult to get more than an hour with him.

Despite having hundreds of multi million dollar investments Robert says Bill is pretty frugal and is known for eating at Burger King.


Robert Took The First Test Drive of a Tesla

Robert was hanging out with Jason Calacanis who is apparently Elon Musk’s best friend and got a hold of Elon shortly after he got Tesla #001.

Robert drove with Elon as they raced @Jason in his Corvette through California.


The Invention of Uber

According to Robert Uber Was invented by Travis and Garrett in a Paris Snowstorm.

Robert wrote an article about how Travis should be fired, but they are still Facebook friends so hopefully there will be no drama if they run into each other at the Ritz. Travis just bought a house in the same community as Robert.

Meeting Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak

Decades ago when Robert was going to community college for journalism he met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who was there learning Spanish.

Robert did a full page story for the school newspaper about Woz.

After studying with him for several mornings Robert got up the courage to ask if he can donate some old Apple computers to the Journalism department.

Woz agreed and donated over $40,000 worth of computers to the journalism department that Robert set up himself.

Above is the video I mentioned about Woz where he debunks the myth that Apple was started in a garage.

Twitter Lists

When Twitter lists were first released Twitter displayed how many people followed your lists on your profile.

Back then Robert championed lists and I believe Robert had the most followed list on Twitter at one point and held that title for some time.

Check out Robert’s Twitter lists to discover his curated streams of people in the AR industry, investors, and more.

Project Titan (Apple Car)Project-Titan-Apple-Car

Rumors have been in the air about Apple working on producing an electric car in the future. These came from the fact that several Tesla employees were picked up by Apple.

From studying Apple’s DNA for over 40 years Robert does not think a car is in the cards, unless they were to make a move like acquiring Tesla.

Technology that goes with a car like an augmented windshield, Apple Car Pay, or AR glasses might be something we see come to market in the future.

Where You Can Find Robert


This podcast with Robert was really enjoyable and shared a ton of terrific insights about the future of technology, augmented reality, and more.

What technology from this podcast has you the most excited about the future?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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