The Most Powerful Social Media Strategies For 2017 – Episode 015

Images are so important for social media, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text!nextlevelpodcast-cover-art

Sites that are not using images are lagging behind, Garin shares an infographic about social media in 2017 on with the figures and the companies who are doing best, have images at the core of their offering, whilst Twitter and others who are less image based are declining.

We discuss Pinterest, it has just reached 500 million USD in revenue and Garin explains how some of the clicks are as low as a few cents to buy.

Facebook has recently just launched Facebook live and they are competing with Periscope so Facebook live videos are a great growth hacking tool.

The main reason people do not capitalize on Facebook Live is due to the unrehearsed nature of live video.  Creating short videos more frequently gives you greater control over the live medium and leverages the present EdgeRank preference for organically promoting live content.

Live video will become more mainstream but now it is still new and largely underutilized. Realize this and leverage Facebook live to drive attention for your content.  One of Garin’s friends is a multi-millionaire and has a brand new Lamborghini, he has been doing 10-20 second Facebook live videos and you should too.

Getting more attention makes it easier to monetize your business and generate engagement for your brand.

Facebook live videos, even very short ones, are the most strategic way to get attention on Facebook.

You need to consider these three principles before you share content.

  • What is the content?
  • Why are you posting it?
  • When are you posting it?

Live on Instagram, live on Facebook, and Periscope for your first time it will send a message to people to notify them they you are casting live.

With Persicope I got trolled and called a nigger, it was awful and Garin and I agreed that you should use the block button liberally, I was tanned under my palm tree and a racial troll abused me. I reported him and it was dealt with quickly by Twitter and Periscope. He had an awful picture on his profile picture and it had an African American with a noose round his neck.

Do not engage with negative people, social media can be done in your own way, but I don’t engage with Trolls, ever, BLOCK them.

To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. -Elbert Hubbard

We will both share our message with as many people as possible, if anyone has a problem they will miss out on our amazing content…

Tai Lopez, does all these platforms at the same time, he streams to all these channels at once, wherever people are you need to be there too. With Instagram you can do live video also but it is not recorded for use afterwards.

Short videos are the way to go, telling people you will be on another video, I like Periscope personally.

For local businesses they should get a WordPress blog and get keywords that include their local towns’ names and get your blog posts out there.

Social media content 20-30% should be about their business niche and local area. The other 70-80% would be around fitness, beauty, lifestyle, racing, sports, mothers day, fathers day, Easter, Xmas and other seasonal events. Local theme parks and holiday choices and the weather are also good.

Adding plenty of value and getting people to know, like and trust you is key.

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The Most Powerful Social Media Strategies For 2017 – Episode 015 (17 Mbs)

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