The Right Way To Do Affiliate Marketing With Social Media – Episode 014

Garin gets cheques every month from clickbank thanks to his Affiliate Marketing With Social Media efforts.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  This is because with affiliate marketing all you have to do is drive traffic and you don’t have to worry about product creation and compelling sales copy.nextlevelpodcast-cover-art

Garin recommends you buy products you want to promote as an affiliate yourself so you can confidently promote; do not promote a product you have not purchased.

Most important sale yourself is to sell yourself on it, I bought it I like it and I use it, much like our Profile Jetpack personal branding training is for people who have purchased the product, no Joe Schmoes.

Affiliate links can cause problems with jumbled numbers etc and people will ignore the links as they don’t like them, however if you have a self hosted WordPress blog you can use a free redirection plugin and set it up to get more clicks and making more sales.

Best way is to give value away to build an email list, giving away a very high value webinar like we could be collecting emails but we aren’t we are making an offer of our personal branding product.

The email collection response rate is about 22% more if you don’t collect their names. Garin prefers to get the email and name as it improves the response rate as you can personalize.

Images are important to share with the affiliate link as you will get more attention and reach and clicks, use social media to post the clean links to get traction as some of the links are banned by Twitter and Facebook.

Email marketing software AWeber is great as you can setup an autoresponder to send them an email and automates the follow up process.

If you want great offers then clickbank is great but AWeber is recurring revenue. Focus is the key, to whatever you are doing and Garin and I are both focused on Profile Jetpack and as experienced marketers we can put our confidence into the course that we have created.

Of course if you are an affiliate marketer you need a strong personal brand with your actual name with high quality products so you are trustworthy.

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