The Secret to Hundreds of Millions of YouTube Views With Tyler Lemco – Episode 019

NLP-019-tyler-lemcoFrom 0 to 952,418,905 views and over 7 million subscribers: This podcast episode reveals the epic strategy behind the most successful cooking show on the Internet. Epic Meal Time.

The number one way to get more YouTube subscribers is consistency…you’ve got to keep that momentum going.

Epic Meal Time is a YouTube show that is more than just bacon.

It has grown into a massive YouTube success.  And Tyler wad there from the beginning.

According to Tyler just because one video gets a million views does not mean the next one will.  If you go 3-4 weeks without posting a video and you are back at square one.

Keeping constant content coming out is key.  Have fun with it, be consistent and be active.epicmealtime

Epic Meal Time stayed consistent by uploading a video every Tuesday.

Consistency seem to be a strategy that really works, especially once a channel has some traction.

Tyler also hacked the media and shared some mainstream media hacking tips.

A few years ago, during election time, Tyler decided to create some signs of his own “For no reason.”

These signs caught worldwide attention and even landed him on the cover of the Washington Post and multiple TV interviews.

tyler-lemco-signTyler might also be running for Mayor of Montreal in the future so look for that.

Give a listen to the podcast below and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Download: The Secret to Hundreds of Millions of YouTube Views With Tyler Lemco – Episode 019 (7MB)

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