Episode 008 – Terrific Time Management Tips and Tools

nextlevelpodcast-cover-artIn this episode Nat and I share some of our most powerful time management tips and tools.

My favorite tip that Nat shared is that people often take as much time as they have.  Meaning that even if something should only take a day if we give ourselves a week to do it then it will end up taking a week.

This reminds me of a quote Derek Sivers shared from one of his old teachers who said that most course curriculum’s are create to accommodate the lowest performers and consequently “The average pace is for chumps.”

Making the most of your time has a lot to do with two main things:

  1. Eliminating Unnecessary Distractions
  2. Focusing on the Most Important Tasks First

Setting goals will help you identify the tasks that are most important to you.

walking-for-20-minutesOnce you are clear on your goals then you can more easily define the tasks that will help you achieve them.

Set ambitious goals and expectations for yourself and you’ll likely be amazed at what you can achieve.

With audacious goals even if you fall a little short of  your ambitious expectations you’ll still far outperform anyone who settled for average.

Here are the Resources we Shared in This Episode:


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